At CPD Digital Learning, a wholly owned subsidiary of the GBS Corporate Training Group, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, online, professional training courses, designed to support your continuous professional development.

Our extensive range of courses are a means of providing ‘just-in-time’ training, allowing you to develop key professional competencies, in a convenient and cost-effective way, especially when needed for compliance.

By providing the training online, anyone, anywhere, can develop their knowledge and skills to positively transform their professional careers.

Making our courses affordable and easy to access, we are able to provide high quality training to individuals, or groups of employees from an organisation, who are looking to expand their knowledge in a particular area.

Our partners

To enable us to offer a broad range of courses, all of our IIRSM and a selection of CPD approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd. and are distributed under license.

We also partner with Staff Skills Training, and all of our CPD UK Certificated courses and a further selection of CPD approved courses are owned by Staff Skills Training and are distributed under licence.

We’d love to hear from you

We actively encourage learners to share their experiences, or suggest ways in which we can expand our range of topics we provide.

To give us your feedback please email